Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Last Post of the Year / Elementary School!!! :(

This is my last post of the year and I just wanted to say thank you for reading my post at least once and I hope I see you again next year when I go to Middle school❤.. I will miss all of my grade five friends👭 and teachers👩. I will miss my friends who are leaving and I graduated🎓🎉🎉 Elementary school at Monday. We went ice - skating and I wanted to stay in grade 5 forever and I don't want to say good bye to my friends who are leaving😢😢.
 I hope I can post more posts next year!!
Love you people!!💗

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Summer Holiday

Today, I am going to post about my summer holiday. ❤😎
I am going to go to Korea💙 for 1 about 1 day to travel to Europe with my Dad👨, Mom👩, me😀, and my brother👶. Then, I am going to go to London💜 for a few days and then Italy. After that, I am going to go to Swiss❤ and then France💚. Lastly, I am going to go to Korea💙 and maybe, I might go to Japan💛.
Thank you for watching!!
Where are you going for your summer?

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

How I Feel About MS

I came back with another post called 'How I feel about going to MS'

         I feel exited and sad at the same time. I feel exited😄 because my best best friend is going to come back to UNIS next year and I feel sad😢 because I am going to leave elementary school and I can't go back to elementary school to take lessons. I am also exited to meet my friend👭 that left UNIS because she is coming back and to make new friends and to meet new teachers. I want to learn new things too! I don't want to leave elementary school but I want to go to middle school. I want to experience how it feels like to be in middle school.😃

         I heard that in middle school, you could eat from any where and we could order things from outside of UNIS. Example, we can drink something from ding tea.💙 We can eat any where. Even in the play ground!!💛 I really want to be in middle school but I don't want to leave elementary school. I like both ES and MS because I have a lot of memories in ES but I want to make new memories and make a fresh start.😎 I like UNIS because it is fun and I've been in UNIS for a lot of years but I never have been in MS so I think it is exciting but sad to leave ES because I've been in ES for 5 years but I have to move on... Still!! MS people said that they would never go back to ES because MS was amazing and so much better than ES. The camp was good and the classes are good too!!! It was amazing the day I was at MS.

That was the end of my blog!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


I came back with an exhibition post.
     Now that PYPX (Premium Year Program Exhibition) is over, I feel relived because before we did PYPX, I was worried if our group would not have a lot of people but I was wrong. At the second night, we had exactly 99 people. I actually felt so happy and exited. I felt exited because I could go back home with a new t-shirt. Yup!! We got a new PYPX t-shirt! Our shirt is blue and it has people's hands and they are holding each other's hands. There are sustainable development goals in little things like bubbles around the hands holding each other. I think there also was an earth behind the hand that were holding each other. The t-shirt is very comfortable and it had a very good design.

     Now that PYPX is over, my group is continuing doing our action because we still have to put our posters on the trash cans. We have posters that says paper, tins and cans, plastic, and trash. Here are the photos of our posters.

 This is a photo of the paper poster.
        This is the tins and cans poster.                                                
 This is the plastic poster.
 This is a photo of the trash poster.
That was all of the posters!!
     Now that PYPX is over, I appreciate that our group worked hard. I also appreciate that a lot of people came to our booth. I appreciate that my group worked hard because we were very successful and I appreciate that a lot of people came to our booth because in my opinion, we were not that interesting and our game wasn't really fun but a lot of people came to our booth. Some people came to our booth and while we were explaining, they just walked away 😞 but there were people who were so interested that they asked our group about home recycling and how they could help the world. My French teacher was really interested and she stayed for a long time. She also stayed for so long that she stayed until we ran out of time. She also sent us a g-mail that she wants to know more about our booth. There also was a parent and she had 2 children but the mom was so interested that she didn't let her husband ask a question.

That was the end of my post and I hope you had fun reading my post!!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Spring Break to Phu Quoc

I went to Phu Quoc and I stayed in the hotel because the hotel was amazing and there is a swimming pool and 3 buffet restaurants and a beach.
I went to Vinpearl hotel!!!
It was really, REALLY AMAZING and AWESOME!!!
Here are some picture of Vinpearl.

This is a picture of the Vinpearl resort swimming pool.

 This is a picture of one of the slides I rode at Vinpearl land.

 This is a photo of the Vinpearl beach.
This is the end of my spring break I had fun so I hope you did too!!
P.S Where did you go for your spring break? 
Comment below^^

Friday, March 30, 2018

My day

Today, I'm going to write about my day.....
First, it was sports day today. So it was fun until I heard what our PE teachers said and they told the whole elementary school that Tigers are 4th Lions are 3rd (Lions - My team) and buffaloes are 2nd and eagles are 1st place. It was to be honest that most of the teachers hated lions because the last event that our team did, we won really obviously but the teacher that was in charge said that tigers won us. If we got that point we could have been 2nd place because it was 140 points between lions and buffaloes. I suddenly hated sports day and school because there were these girls that went around the school and pretended that they didn't know the scores and asked the lions and tigers if they knew the score and those girls were eagles.
Second, my day didn't get any better and now, I am writing this.
Anyway, this was the end of my day and last but not least my dad is coming today from Korea.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Guest Speaker

We had a guest speaker.
He is a grade 10 student and he did a personal exhibition and his exhibition was about Identity and Relationships.
He was at UNIS when he was Grade 1 and he couldn't speak any English so people didn't like him. So he did a personal exhibition about that and his action was to explain about this topic at his personal exhibition. Another action he did was he wrote songs that were wrote by someone else but he rewrote the songs / lyrics.
Here is some notes I wrote.
His passion was music.
His issue was 'Identity and Relationships'.

His action was to do this topic for his personal project exhibition and to write his own song and let people who came to him listen to it.

He did a personal project about music. He wrote 8 songs. His songs were about him. His whole album was about himself.
His tip was to record everything on our journal and HAVE FUN!!!!
Thanks for reading my blog and