Thursday, April 12, 2018

Spring Break to Phu Quoc

I went to Phu Quoc and I stayed in the hotel because the hotel was amazing and there is a swimming pool and 3 buffet restaurants and a beach.
I went to Vinpearl hotel!!!
It was really, REALLY AMAZING and AWESOME!!!
Here are some picture of Vinpearl.

This is a picture of the Vinpearl resort swimming pool.

 This is a picture of one of the slides I rode at Vinpearl land.

 This is a photo of the Vinpearl beach.
This is the end of my spring break I had fun so I hope you did too!!
P.S Where did you go for your spring break? 
Comment below^^

Friday, March 30, 2018

My day

Today, I'm going to write about my day.....
First, it was sports day today. So it was fun until I heard what our PE teachers said and they told the whole elementary school that Tigers are 4th Lions are 3rd (Lions - My team) and buffaloes are 2nd and eagles are 1st place. It was to be honest that most of the teachers hated lions because the last event that our team did, we won really obviously but the teacher that was in charge said that tigers won us. If we got that point we could have been 2nd place because it was 140 points between lions and buffaloes. I suddenly hated sports day and school because there were these girls that went around the school and pretended that they didn't know the scores and asked the lions and tigers if they knew the score and those girls were eagles.
Second, my day didn't get any better and now, I am writing this.
Anyway, this was the end of my day and last but not least my dad is coming today from Korea.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Guest Speaker

We had a guest speaker.
He is a grade 10 student and he did a personal exhibition and his exhibition was about Identity and Relationships.
He was at UNIS when he was Grade 1 and he couldn't speak any English so people didn't like him. So he did a personal exhibition about that and his action was to explain about this topic at his personal exhibition. Another action he did was he wrote songs that were wrote by someone else but he rewrote the songs / lyrics.
Here is some notes I wrote.
His passion was music.
His issue was 'Identity and Relationships'.

His action was to do this topic for his personal project exhibition and to write his own song and let people who came to him listen to it.

He did a personal project about music. He wrote 8 songs. His songs were about him. His whole album was about himself.
His tip was to record everything on our journal and HAVE FUN!!!!
Thanks for reading my blog and

Primary Years Program Exhibition (PYPX) Week 4

Today, I am going to talk about what I have been doing so far in my exhibition.
Here are some photos of my exhibition and other people's exhibition. ^^
This is a photo of Kate working and you could see my pencil case...^^

This is a photo of Ella and a teacher.

This is a photo of me and Kate working on our exhibition.
This is a photo of a trash can that we researched about and it is right in front of our classroom.

This is the end of week 4 and I hoped you enjoyed.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Where I am Going for Spring Break

I wanted to post a blog post but I didn't have a lot of thing so I'm just posting this blog post.
For spring break, I am going to go to Phu Quoc. It is a island in Vietnam.
Here are some pictures of Phu Quoc.
 This is a picture of Phu Quoc island's beach.

  This is a picture of the forest and the beach.

 This is a picture of the whole island.

 This is a picture of Phu Quoc's ocean

This is  the end... Sorry that it is a short post but hope you enjoyed like i always say / write.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Exhibition Group Member

I'm back again.
Today, I'm going to post a really short blog post..
I'm just going to tell you the names of my member and try going to visit their blog too!
Their names are Kate and Ella. To be honest, I am really exited to be working in this group because all of these people are amazing!!!
They are really smart too!
Hope you enjoyed my blog!!
(From the left)
Kate, me, and Ella


Exhibition Groups

This week, we got into our exhibition groups. My group member names are Kate, Ella and me (by the way, My name is not me). Here are the photo of me and my group (also groups from other classes).
This is my group..

This is my friend's group

This is also one of my friend's group

This is also 2 of my friend's group!
This is my friend's group

Now, here are some random group pictures!!!

This is my friends!
 This is also my friend
 Random pictures! (still my friend)

Random pictures!

 This is also a random picture.

 There are 2 of my classmates here.
That is all for today!!!
See you all in my next blog post!